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Super Single

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  • Super Single

Oversized single coil for humbucker guitars.

The Super Single is a big, open and clear single coil, available in two versions. Both feature 1/4" Alnico 5 slugs for extra power and clarity.

The standard output version is wound with 42awg wire (8.75k bridge, 7.8k neck) and has deep lows and a chimey top end, like an extended range version of classic Fender single coil.

The Hot version is wound with 43awg wire (13.5k bridge, 11.5k neck), and has tight low end, prominent midrange and slightly subdued treble compared to the standard version. It has P90-like midrage power, but with increased pick attach and crunch.

Sets are RWWP for hum canceling. Super Singles require a cover, open or closed.

Pickups are wound to order. Please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery.