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  • Distor'tron
  • Distor'tron
  • Distor'tron

High output Alnico/ceramic Hybrid humbucker

The Distor'Tron is inspired by two classic pickups: the Super Distortion and the Filter'Tron. The Distor'tron utilizes oversized, custom alnico and ceramic magnets. It has tight low end, slightly compressed mids, and lots of top end without any icepick. Complex chords cut through any amount of distortion with clarity not typically found in high output pickups, and clean tones are big, clear, and powerful.

13.7k bridge/11.5k neck. Hand wound in Baltimore, Md.

If you'd like a cover, please add one from our "cover add on" listing. Due to big cartel's primitive inventory tracking, we had to list covers as a separate item.

Please note these pickups are slightly taller - about 1/8" - than a standard humbucker. They will fit in most guitars without a problem, but some guitars might require modification to allow for the added height.

4 conductor wiring is standard. Use 53mm for most guitars, 50mm for gibson style tun-o-matic bridges and other guitars with narrow bridge spacing.

Please get in touch if you need an international shipping price!